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Richard Band

Richard Howard Band (born December 28, 1953 in Los Angeles, California) is an American composer of film music. He has scored more than 70 films, including From Beyond, which won the award for Best Original Soundtrack at the Catalonian International Film Festival in Sitges Spain. His score for Re-Animator was lauded by the magazine Music From the Movies, which said, "Band’s music is dark and direct, creating an intense and eerie atmosphere, but always with a humorous touch.... Surely, Richard Band is one of the most underrated composers in the film business."

Since 2000, Band has done few films, though he has scored episodes of such television shows as Stargate SG-1, Walker: Texas Ranger. He also developed the campaign music for many shows on the WB, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville.

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