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Chris Stamper

Brothers Tim and Chris Stamper founded the British video game companies Ultimate Play the Game and Rare. They first worked together on arcade conversion kits, which were licensed to companies, but later became developers for the ZX Spectrum home computer in the early 1980s. Chris programmed the games, while Tim designed the graphics. They found success as Ultimate with games including Jetpac and Knight Lore. The brothers founded Rare in the mid-1980s after reverse engineering the Nintendo Entertainment System to shift their focus to console development. They became Nintendo's first major Western developer, for whom they developed licensed games and ports. Over the next two decades, Rare enjoyed a close relationship with Nintendo and developed multiple major titles for the company, including Donkey Kong Country and GoldenEye 007. Microsoft acquired Rare in 2002, and the brothers left the company in 2006. After spending several years out of the public eye, the brothers are currently planning new ventures.

The Stampers are taciturn toward the press and known for their work ethic and promotion of inter-team competition at Rare. They enjoyed a fervent fandom in the 1980s, were among the most influential developers of the 1990s, and were named "Development Legends" at the video game industry trade magazine Develop's 2015 awards.

Wheel of Fortune Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom