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Yū Miyake

Yuu Miyake (三宅 優, Miyake Yū, born November 19, 1973 in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese composer and sound engineer formally for Bandai Namco Entertainment. His most known work surfaced with Katamari Damacy soundtracks, on which he served as a sound director. Other works include various tracks in the Tekken and Ridge Racer series.

Before joining Namco, Miyake was a university student specializing in management information. His first game with the company was Tekken 3. In 2000, Miyake worked with Namco director Keita Takahashi on a video project called "Texas 2000". Takahashi was so impressed with his work that he gave him full responsibility as sound director on the 2004 release Katamari Damacy. Miyake attended MAGFest 13 in January 2015, holding a QA conference and performing various Katamari Damacy series songs under his DJ handle of "eutron". Friend and Bandai Namco sound designer Yoshihito Yano also attended the event.

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