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Andrew Sega

Andrew Gregory Sega (born 20th May 1975), also known by the moniker Necros, is an American musician best known for tracking modules in the 1990s demoscene as well as for composing music for several well-known video games. He is currently part of the group Iris, a live member of Stromkern, and has his own recording label known as Diffusion Records. Sega is also the founder of The Alpha Conspiracy project.

Sega began writing MOD music in 1993 for the demo group Psychic Monks. Through the mid 1990s he contributed music to various demo and music groups, and music disks such as Epidemic (1994), featuring other noted tracker musicians like Purple Motion and Skaven. Sega later helped form the legendary tracking group Five Musicians, which featured other notable figures, such as Jeroen Tel, Basehead and Hunz. He also programmed and/or composed music for several demoscene productions, such as the NAID '95 demo Eden and 1996 demo Babylon. Later in his career, he left demoscene and started making music for video games, beginning with little known titles such as In Pursuit of Greed, Iron Seed and Xixit, then moving on to Origin Systems' Crusader series, where he worked as a software engineer and composer.

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