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Richard Joseph

Richard Joseph (born 23 April 1953) was a British computer game composer, musician and sound specialist. He had a career spanning some 20 years starting in the early days of gaming on the C64 and the Amiga and onto succeeding formats through to the present day. After being diagnosed with lung cancer, he died on 4 March 2007 aged 53 years.

Prior to working in games Richard had a fleeting career in the music industry working with artists such as Trevor Horn and Hugh Padgham. Richard released one solo single on EMI and was part of the group CMU which released two albums (although Richard was only involved with the second, Space Cabaret) on Transatlantic before evolving into jazz funk band Shakatak.

Richard was noted in game audio for bringing "real" voice actors into a game for the first time (Mega Lo Mania), the earliest use of interactive music (Chaos Engine), working with established recording artists (Betty Boo on Magic Pockets, Captain Sensible on Sensible Soccer, Brian May on Rise of the Robots and Jon Foxx on Gods and Speedball 2), and featuring vocals in title tunes, which was revolutionary for the time.

Cannon Fodder Commodore Amiga
Gods Commodore Amiga
James Pond 2: Codename RoboCod Commodore Amiga
Magic Pockets Commodore Amiga
Putty Commodore Amiga
Sensible Soccer Commodore Amiga
Sensible World of Soccer Commodore Amiga
Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Commodore Amiga
The Chaos Engine Commodore Amiga
Wizkid: The Story of Wizball II Commodore Amiga