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John Broomhall

John Broomhall is an English composer, audio producer/director, journalist and consultant, working mainly in the video game industry. During the 1990s, Broomhall worked with MicroProse/Spectrum HoloByte as their head of audio. He has played live jazz, blues, funk and gospel. In 2002, he set up Broomhall Projects Limited (BPL) "to provide a full range of audio services covering management, consultancy, content direction and production."

In 2009, he was honoured with a Recognition Award by the Game Audio Network Guild. He also chaired many BAFTA Audio Awards and sits on the BAFTA Video Games Committee.

Civilization Commodore Amiga MSDOS
Sid Meier's Pirates! Commodore Amiga CD32
Transport Tycoon Deluxe Microsoft Windows
X-Com: Terror From The Deep Sony Playstation (PSX)
X-Com: UFO Defence Sony Playstation (PSX)